Dogs are Miracles with Paws

  • A dog's nose in the palm of your hand can cure almost anything.
  • Dogs are made of love and fur.
  • Let your dog take you for a walk.
  • Dogs are a sure thing.
  • Some little known dog secrets: dogs have no secrets.
  • Dogs are like vanilla ice cream: reliably delicious.
  • Dogs are wise agents directly from heaven.
  • If you had a tail, wouldn't you wag it?
  • There are no bad dogs.
  • Be your dog's best friend.
  • Dogs like dancing, drive-in movies and dreaming.
  • God made dogs and spelled his own name backwards!
  • Dogs make great therapists.
  • Kiss your dog all the time.
  • Some dogs are nap dogs.
  • Dogs invented unconditional love.
  • Dogs are party animals.
  • Apply dog logic to life:
    • eat well,
    • be loved,
    • get petted,
    • sleep a lot,
    • dream of a leash-free world.

Live your dog's life!




My favourite animal, is of course, my dog. She has an American name, Greta. She is a mongrel with dark and light brown and golden fir. Her father is a husky and her mom is a cocker spaniel. Some people mistake my dog for a golden retriever, but she is too small to be one. During its times of youth, she used to be very calm, curious and quiet. Now that she has grown up, she has more of a playful character. Greta became more curious, so she always smells new clothes and other everyday things. Her excited character makes her too loud, sometimes. Usually, she barks happily when a family member comes into the house. My extraordinary pet likes chasing things like tennis balls or sticks. She likes a lot of other games, but she likes the one with balloons most. When a balloon is popped into the air, Greta tries to catch it. Since her jaw is too small, she simply just sends it back in the air and resumes the game. Her record of popping the balloon back in the air is forty-two. My dog is pretty good at that because she does it quite often. When I first saw my dog, it was so small, my mom could carry it on her palm. Like Jeremy’s Blue, my Greta’s first home was in a box with a sweater I grew too big to wear. For a short time, we fed our dog from a bottle, too. Just like Jeremy, I think that my pet is special.